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YAS makes a splash at the House of Commons

Updated: Jul 1

Our dynamic duo, Andrew Richardson and Rob Stewart, represented YAS with enthusiasm at the Regenerative Farming Event hosted by Bright Tide at the House of Parliament on Monday, March 4th.

This event marked the introduction of the Regenerative Farming accelerator program, which aims to foster and enhance both ocean-based and on-land regenerative farming ventures.

The event buzzed with excitement as industry leaders, policymakers, and advocates of nature-based solutions gathered, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable ventures both inland and at sea. 

Reflecting on the event, Rob said, "It was fascinating to meet some innovative entrepreneurs. Seaweed was a prominent topic of discussion, and it was inspiring to learn about the creative ways it's being utilized to tackle modern challenges".

Bright Tide collaborates with businesses to prioritize climate change by offering guidance, conducting training workshops for staff, and presenting investment opportunities in climate and biodiversity markets.

Andrew shared his thoughts on YAS's role in such impactful gatherings, stating, "YAS being recognized by organizations like Bright Tide, and supported by them in championing young professionals at events as impactful as this one at the House of Commons, is a validation of our mission and mandate."

As we continue to advocate for sustainability and innovation in aquaculture, we're grateful for opportunities like these to collaborate and exchange ideas with industry leaders and policymakers. Big thanks to Harry Wright for extending the invitation to YAS.

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