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Anchored in Purpose

YAS is dedicated to uniting young professionals in aquaculture, offering networking, career support, and industry promotion. Our mission it to bridge gaps, connect minds, and cultivate leadership. We’re not just about fish; we’re about fostering innovation, camaraderie, and growth. 

Sunset on the water

From Fry to Fish:
Our Aquaculture Journey

The story of YAS unfolds against the backdrop of rolling waves, shimmering fish farms, and the shared passion of young professionals. Picture this: New Zealand, where salmon and mussels thrive, hosts the Aquaculture New Zealand Conference. On that stage, a young visionary announces the birth of a youth organization dedicated to aquaculture. It’s a moment that sparks inspiration and sets the wheels in motion.

Fish Aquaculture Site near a coast
Seaweed in water

From Kiwi Shores to the UK

Fast-forward to the United Kingdom. Andrew Richardson, our co-founder, reflects on his own journey: "I remember graduating from my undergraduate degree and being interested in aquaculture, but not having immediate pathways to go through. My friends graduating from accountancy, business, or economics all found quite easy pathways into a sector. But at the time, for me it didn't feel that easy.”

And that’s when the idea took root.

Bridging the Gap

The Young Aquaculture Society emerges as a beacon for young professionals across the UK. From fostering meaningful connections through networking events to offering tailored career support and promotion opportunities, we're dedicated to fueling your success.

Through our online community, members gain access to a wealth of resources aimed at advancing their careers. Whether you're seeking mentorship, exploring job listings, staying informed with our newsletters, or engaging in insightful webinars, YAS is your go-to hub for all things aquaculture.

Oyster farm out of water

Join the journey

Whether you’re a marine biologist, a hatchery wizard, or a sustainability advocate, YAS welcomes you. Let’s ride the currents of progress together. Join our community, attend our events, and be part of something bigger—a society that believes in the power of young minds.

Thanks to Our Collaborators

YAS is proud to partner with some of the leading companies in the aquaculture industry. Together, we champion sustainable practices and empower the next generation of aquaculture professionals. A heartfelt thank you to our valued collaborators for their generous support.

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If you're interested in supporting YAS, please send us a message.

Mairi Gougeon, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands

“Aquaculture makes a huge contribution to Scotland’s rural economy and offers a range or rewarding career paths for young people. We welcome efforts to reinforce and promote these opportunities, and I look forward to hearing more about the Society’s work.”
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