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Salmon Big Brother: Federico's Aquaculture Revolution

Updated: Jul 1

Today, we're excited to introduce you to Federico, a passionate aquaculture enthusiast currently pursuing his MSc in Aquaculture as part of the Erasmus Mundus Programme ACES-STAR.


Hailing from the South of Italy, Federico is a passionate explorer who has always been captivated by rich food, fascinating cultural heritage, and outstanding natural beauty. When he's not studying for his MSc in Aquaculture, he's out hiking, cycling, or embarking on cave exploration adventures. In fact, over the past year, he cycled autonomously from Stirling in Scotland to Athens in Greece, showcasing his adventurous spirit and determination.

His journey into aquaculture began during his BSc in Food Science and Technology at the University of Perugia in Italy. A pivotal moment occurred when he moved to Stirling for an Erasmus internship at the Institute of Aquaculture. "I spent over four years working in the nutrition department, surrounded by inspiring and extremely skilled people from whom I learned about the importance of research on alternative feeds ingredients," Federico explains. This experience ignited his passion for aquaculture research and innovation.

For Federico, the allure of aquaculture lies in its dynamic nature as it continually innovates to improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance production. "The aquaculture sector is a living laboratory where new ideas, technologies, and practices are constantly tested," he shares. From sustainable feed formulations to precision aquaculture techniques, Federico finds the sector's ever-evolving landscape incredibly stimulating.

It is this passion for progress in aquaculture that inspired his competition entry. His innovative idea, "The Aquaculture Visible Farm," offers a groundbreaking solution to address misconceptions surrounding aquaculture. By inviting public scrutiny and engagement through live streaming, this initiative not only fosters transparency but also encourages collaboration between farmers and the public.

Federico emphasizes the importance of collaboration and networking in the early stages of his career. "I believe joining YAS will give me the opportunity to connect with diverse people from various backgrounds who, like me, are involved in aquaculture," he says. He sees YAS as a platform for collaboration and professional growth.

When asked for a message for young people in the sector, Federico shared:

“There is a sea of opportunity out there. Understand what makes your flame burn. Be brave on taking the first step and work consistently to reach your goal. Learn from more experienced people around you and make it happen”.

Reflecting on his proudest aquaculture moment, Federico highlights his involvement in the Erasmus Mundus MSc in Aquaculture, Environment, and Society. Collaborating with a diverse group of individuals from around the world to find solutions and develop new ideas has been an immensely rewarding experience for him. We hope that YAS community will further support his aquaculture adventure.


Join us in congratulating Federico on his achievements and wishing him continued success on his aquaculture journey!

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