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Who We Are

We are a dynamic community of young professionals passionate about aquaculture. Our mission is to empower the next generation of leaders in the seafood sector.  The heart of YAS lies in its ‘Big Fish’ advisory board. These visionary individuals, drawn from our membership, go beyond traditional roles. The YAS ship is steered by the Executive Committee, which takes on responsibilities for collaboration, communication and administration of the society.

The Crew


Andrew Richardson 

Founder & President

I'm currently working as Technical and Standards Manager at Salmon Scotland, a diverse role that gives me a fairly unique view of the Scottish sector. It's a great community that I feel YAS can really create value for.

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Robert Stewart

Vice President

I’m a PhD Student based at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh. My research focuses on using gene editing and proteomics to study the immune response of Atlantic Salmon to viruses.

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Konstancja Woźniacka

Communications Officer

My current interests lie in the fascinating realm of shellfish and sustainable aquaculture. What I love most is the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and explore exciting places, making my work all the more rewarding. Whilst pursuing a biosciencies PhD, I also work as a Researcher for Seafish.

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Marc Faber


 I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh, where I am developing cell-culture models in farmed animals to study pathogen-host interactions under laboratory conditions. 

I have always been interested in improving our toolkits to improve fish and livestock health, ensuring food security, and achieving sustainable production.

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Rhianna Rees

Website Developer

I am a seaweed advocate, passionate about the growth and expansion of the seaweed industry and its role in a rapidly developing blue economy. With my career spanning diverse roles, I currently serve as a part-time Business Development Manager at the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association (SSIA), spearheading growth and engagement strategies.

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Alison Brough

Engagement Officer

I am a part of the in-house fish veterinary team at Scottish Sea Farms and I serve as the current secretary of the Fish Veterinary Society. My passion for advancing fish health and my commitment to the aquaculture community are truly commendable.

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William Meredith-Davies

Admissions Officer

Currently, I serve as an Aquaculture Project Officer at Southern IFCA. I am keen on cultivating my expertise in low trophic aquaculture and contributing to the sustainable expansion of bivalve aquaculture in the UK.

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Lauren Chapman


I am a current PhD student at the University of Aberdeen and the Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre. I have worked with Atlantic salmon for over 6 years and have previously worked within the aquaculture industry on fish farms. Fish welfare within aquaculture is my true passion

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